Art By Shante' Capturing the Human Spirit and the Essences of Nature

This work was created to emphasize expression. Shante has the artistic ability to create a range of art from realism to abstract. She has a diverse understanding of how to create art of all subject matters while using a variety of material and techniques. Her style embodies the essence of the human spirit in all of us as well as nature. Her goal is to raise awarness of the socio-economic struggles that exist in our world today.

"Father & Daughter"

"Haitian Girls"

 Book Cover of "Black of Black Girl's Don't Paint"



"Jen Sae Qua"

"Mother and Baby"

Artist Statement:

 " I recently decided to push my boundaries as an artist by create abstract  art. During the process of creating abstract art I have broaden my  skills and I gained a level of confidence and drive to take more risks. I also found while creating abstract art my mind is open to more creative options and my vision as an artist has become clear. I enjoy creating  both realism and abstract art work and I want to continue to explore and evolve as an artist. "

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Lucrative Images
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